What we do

We offer aid and assistance to our partner Fund in Belarus "Hope to Children in Trouble" based in Gomel, and including some other organizations, schools and orphanages in the Minsk & Gomel Regions.


To do this effectivly we fundraise in many different ways, mainly in the Amesbury and Durrington areas, by organizing the following activities:


  • Car Boot Sales, Craft Sales of genuine Belarusian and Russian crafts, the Sale of Jams, Pickles and Cakes, Jumble Sales, Garden Tea Parties, Sponsored Walks, Annual Dinner & Auction, Golf Days, Shooting Days. However we cannot do these activities without supporters who are in short supply, so if you would like to give us a helping hand then please give us a call on 01980 622289


We also collect good quality aid to send twice a year to the Gomel Region of Belarus:

  • This includes clothes, toiletry items, children's toys & games, sports equipment, school equipment and many other things. 


Photo's of people and friends involved in some of our projects.

Children the charity has helped.

Groups of children we have had staying in the Amesbury area.

Charity Supporters Visit to Belarus

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