Smilovich Children's Social Orphanage

This orphanage is in the village of Smilovichi 40 kms east of Minsk the capital of Belarus, on the road to Mogilyov. It is run by the local District Education Department in Cerven.


Although the costs of running this unit are provided by the department, which means the children get good food and a safe and clean place to live, there is never enough money to provide for lots of other necessary things to make the childrens lives that much better.


Since this unit moved here from Kuliki our charity had provided aid twice a year from the UK which has included clothes, equipment, school items, sports goods, computers and toiletries.


We had also provided from local stores, paint, wall paper, floor covering, kitchen equipment, furniture, medical equipment, curtain materials, electrical equipment, seeds and many other things.


Unfortunately because of a local disagreement over a building contract at the orphanage the charity felt that it was time to move on, this was with great regret after the many years we had been involved with this place.


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