Smilovichi Children's Fund


It was necessary for the charity to move our operations from the Smilovichi Orphanage to a new location in 2012 because of a decision by the Cherven Education Department not to renew the agreement allowing us to send our UK volunteers to the orphanage, however because of our long association with the orphanage and the possiblity that we may one day be able to return the charity directors have decided to continue using the existing name of the fund.


Three children who had been at the Smilovichi Orphanage are now at home with their mother, the charity has made this possible for the last  three years by financially helping to support the Schepansky family in the village Yazovki not far from Cherven, without our financial help the three children would have to go back into the local orpahage or another institution. There is no time limit on this help and so provided that the family stays together and is progressing we will go on providing the help.



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